“Like pearls in shells”

On my last post, The Common Atheist left a comment about pedophilia in Islam and the book and movie Kite runner. It reminded me of two words in Quran. (Thank you Jim!). The two words are Qelmaan (غلمان، plural of Qolaam which means male servant) and Veldaan (ولدن، boys). Both words are synonymous in Quran and refer to teenage boys who have not gone through puberty yet. These boys are offered to special believers in heaven and they are described as beautiful like pearls in shells, well protected!!! WHAT THE FUCK! What kind of sick god would offer such a thing!? Abrahamic god.

Qelman is used only once:

Veldaan is used more than once as follows. The followings reminded me of a scene from Kite runner.

As you can see, the boys are compared to pearls in shells. The other instance of such comparison is with Huris (beautiful young virgin girls). The young virgins are also compared to “pearls in shells”.

As you can see, boys and girls sex slaves are promised to believers in heaven! They are numerous, young and virgin. They obey and don’t say anything against the believers’ will.

I feel sick and angry after writing this post. I am sorry if it makes you feel the same. I just have one question from believers. How can you read the “holy books” and still believe???

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  1. Faith is an unreasonable guide, and the only way to look past these secret atrocities that still happen in the Abrahamic religions is with a coach, a minister or priest or imam to cover the true roots of worship with excuses, persuasion, and threats. Max this is sickening, and like we said earlier, a much bigger problem than is known. The US soldiers in Afghanistan were told to look the other way and not judge these customs of child rape. We defended them. Sickening.

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  2. Appalling. Simply the WORST of humanity and its neurological disconnect by a fable — a mere fable!!! As a former worker in the Psych/A&D field, this is labelled Addiction at its worst!

    Thanks Max for exposing this. It needs to be outted.

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  3. I am a Muslim. I am 17 years old. There is no pedophilia in Islam. And in Indonesia, where the largest Muslim country located, a man who does pedophilia will be arrested in jail. In Islam, we’re not allowed to having sex before we get married, so that’s why there is no boyfriend/girlfriend in Islam, we’re afraid that they will do the adultery, rape and sexual abusing.

    If you want to know more about Qur’an, I really recommend you to read the Tafseer of the verse from Islamic scholars (e.g; Ibn Katsir, Al-Qurtubiy, Ath-Thabari, these scholars are really educated in knowing the Qur’an). And I suggest you to read the whole Qur’an, so that you may understand the messages that Qur’an brings. May Allah guide you, sir.


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