On the execution train

So “Holy” month of Ramadan is over, and this means that the execution train is back in Islamic countries. Islamic countries don’t execute anyone during Ramadan, and continue the executions right after the month is over. Apparently, this time, Iran’s train is fast and unstoppable. According to some reports, there have been numerous executions in different cities of Iran a day after Ramadan. One of them was the execution of Mohammad Salas, a Sufi Dervish who was arrested a couple of months ago and charged with murder of 3 policemen, which he did not commit, and then was sentenced to death in the most ridiculously staged trial.

Sufi Dervishes are a minority religious group who are shia Muslims, however they do not follow the 12-Imam shia and “velayet-faqih” (a concept that gives Khamenei authority over all shia muslims). Iranian regime not only execute atheists, freethinkers and converters but they also execute other shia muslims who just don’t believe in their totalitarianism.

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  1. The religion of peace found at the tip of a sword. Nothing in abrahamic religion is as it is taught. Nothing but misery and they welcome it because god knows best (pbuh)


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