Venezuelan Spring: People are the real hero

Demonstrators clash with members of the Bolivarian National Police during an anti-government protests in Caracas on April 20/17 Photo credit: [EPA/Miguel Gutierrez] (ALJAZEERA)

People in Caracas have stormed the streets in thousands protesting the start of Maduro’s 6 year presidency, after a controversial election. The opposition leader Juan Guaido has sworn himself as president being backed by thousands of people who have lost a lot in the past years.

Now, as usual Trump is stealing the show, bringing more controversy into the situation, while it’s an intra-national issue. The same thing happened in Arab countries and in Iran and the United States’ stealing the show didn’t really work for the people.

Also, looking at the history of the Venezuelan crisis can really help in seeing if the United States is the good guy or not. I’ve been reading BBC’s pick on the events and it’s amazing that they haven’t mentioned US sanctions on Venezuela as the issue. The sanctions on Venezuelan economy started after Chavez called sovereignty on oil and got closer to Iran and Cuba. The situation got worse and worse as the sanctions paralyzed Venezuela dropping the currency value drastically,limiting access to food and medicine, displacing more than 3 million people . It’s no doubt that Maduro and Chavez were dictators who destroyed their country, but giving credit to the United States as the good guy in this situation is definitely wrong. The protagonist is the people of Venezuela. So support them as they make their choice and future.

In solidarity with Venezuela.

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