My take on recent events!

Writing is not easy anymore. There are so many things to write about that I can’t focus on any. The speed of the tragedies happening is way too fast for me to digest, and finally after 2 weeks I have settled down a bit and started writing. I will soon flood my blog again!

2020 started with overwhelming tragedies all around world. I was personally overwhelmed by the devastation of Australian Bushfires, its the magnitude of its destruction, firefighters had lost their lives along with millions of animals. However, on 3rd of January, my world and/or other of other Iranian expats turned even darker.

I was on the tram going to work, first day back, the whole city was still on holiday, scrolling down my facebook when I saw a headline from an Israeli news website “Iran Quds Force head Qassem Soleimani killed in Baghdad strike-Iraqi TV”. What weird feeling! I didn’t want even my worse enemy dead, but since his death could save so many innocent lives, I wanted this to be true! I despised Soleimani. He was a murderer and a warmonger and was probably the number-one man behind all Iran’s proxy wars in the region, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, even in east Africa, which I will write about in length in another post. Soleimani was killed in a drone strike by Americans. Trump tweeted an American flag right away confirming their operation.

The latest clash between the Islamic Republic and the US was sparked when Kataib Hezbollah, a shia militia group supported by the Islamic Republic, killed an American contractor in a rocket attack near Kirkuk. Americans then retaliated by bombing Kataib Hezbollah’s outpost killing some of their fighters. This tit for tat caused a chain reaction which at the end only resulted in death of civilians, just like always!

Next, it was Islamic Republic that wanted to get back. So they sent members of Kataib Hezbollah to raid the American embassy in Iraq since Islamic Republic has this weird fetish of raiding embassies! They burned some parts of the embassy, waving the yellow Hezbollah flags, chanting “Death to America” and spraying a particular name on the walls of the embassy, “Soleimani”.

After that, Soleimani was killed by American military and escalated the clash. World war 3 started trending on twitter as everybody was waiting to see who makes the next move. Iran swarmed people in the streets of different cities to mourn Soleimani’s death and reminded everyone of funeral of the Butcher of Prague, Reinhard Heyrich, re-establishing that Iranian regime is just another fascist state. Soleimani’s dead body just as bad as his alive one still killed people. About 70 people were killed in a stampede in his hometown of Kerman, but that was still not the end. Iran carried out missile strikes on 8th of January in a retaliation on two US camps in Iraq. And, when we were waiting for war, Iran shot down a passenger plane going from Tehran to Ukraine, killing 176 people.

Islamic Republic says it was an accident, while Khamenei has not apologized. But, it was clearly shot down intentionally. Iran hoped for the US to retaliate so they shot their own plane down to blame it on the US since US had shot an Iranian passenger down before (IR655).  Now, in this crazy hit and run war, who has always suffered? Islamic Republic has never considered its own people, and have always looked at them as free soldier making machines to populate their Shia army. If you can’t make the Islamic republic free soldiers, you’re nothing to them! we are nothing to them!



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