Discrimination towards refugees by other migrants!

When we talk about discrimination towards refugees, we usually think of locals who don’t like migrants because they think the refugees “steal” their tax money and jobs! However, I’m not talking about locals here. I am talking about other migrants! YES! I have recently observed a great deal of discrimination and hatred towards refugees by their fellow-countrymen who have migrated to Australia with student visas or skilled migration visas. As crazy as it sounds, the skilled migrants regard themselves as higher in the society than the ones who have come here by boat.

I have recently read and heard comments from some Iranian migrants who angrily complained that “boaties” (a word they have coined for refugees who’ve come here by boat) have stolen their jobs and tax money!!!… I am truly speechless! What the fuck is wrong with these people? I really don’t understand it! This is my new project guys! If you have any information or idea regarding this issue, please share. I will keep updating this post.

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