Dancing is a crime

Horrifying news comes out of Iran everyday. However, in the past two months, it’s gone crazier. Arresting free thinkers and environmentalist, “accidental” deaths of environmentalists in prisons, numerous executions, shooting down protesters, and now arresting teenagers who post pictures and videos on Instagram.

Today, I found out that the police has arrested a 17 year old girl who uploads videos of herself dancing. I have watched her videos, they are cute and entertaining.

This has happened while 4 people were shot dead during a peaceful demonstration in Khoramshahr for simply asking for clean water!

This has happened while Saeed Tousi, a Quran reciter, who sexually harassed several students got acquitted by the intervention of Khamenei, the supreme leader of the Islamic republic.

This has happened while over 40 girls were raped in Iranshahr and the legal case has been suspended because of lack of evidence, and the horrifying fact that their being raped has been blamed on themselves. Classic Islam!

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