Sex on TV! Nauzubillah

So Islamic republic of Iran is a fascinating regime. What’s more fascinating is the media in Iran. Being run by the state and controlled by the supreme leader’s direct supervision, heavily censored, full of propaganda, zero tolerance and so on… are only a few peculiarities of the Islamic republic of Iran’s media.
A few days ago, the local TV of Kish (an Island in the Persian Gulf) was showing a Jackie Chan movie, and apparently the guy responsible for cutting all the ‘haram’ parts out forgot to do his job properly, and guess what? there was a sex scene broadcasted!!! HARAAAM! 4 seconds of sex in a dark room under a blanket?! HARAAM! Now, all the people who watched it will go to hell, and the skies will fall, the hell has already broken loose and the demons are everywhere enticing innocent Muslims. Mullahs will have to work harder to guide these innocent people back on the righteous route to heaven. The Islamic republic have acted promptly by firing everyone who neglected their duties, suspended the channel, forced the channel to apologize and will prosecute whoever committed this horrendous act of crime. Rightly so! Ahmad Khatami, one of the most powerful mullahs in Iran, said that the media is the reason for drought and earthquakes in Iran. The prompt act of the regime in mending the issue is amazingly admirable. They certainly do know their priorities. You know, a sex scene is way more dangerous to the integrity of Islam(lol) than the gang rapes that happened some months ago to more than 40 women, or the molestation of primary school boys at a school by the teachers, or the tragic death of primary school kids who were burnt alive at a school last week in some underprivileged parts of the country because of lack of a proper heating system, or the university students who died in a road accident. These are all cliches to be honest. I mean rape, death and child molestation are not really crimes you know, are they? ALLAH knows best, if they were crimes he would’ve told us.  BUT GOD FORBID, A SEX SCENE ON TV? THIS IS A WORK OF SATAN. Repent! Repent!
Hi everyone,
Sorry to come back with a sarcastic post and sorry for the scary picture above!
Happy new year btw! I hope it will be a godless year full of freedom from religion and all other dogmas. I will be posting more this year, and also I’m finishing my book which will be available mid-year. It’s dark/sarcastic memoir of all the shit that happened.

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