Yemen, sorry we are too busy.

“Yemen, you realise, is a country where people are dying for lack of a taxi fare.” Declan Walsh, New york times.

Where are muslims? You know the ones who shout their lungs out when a cartoonists* draw a drawing of Muhammad. The ones who are always offended by criticism. The ones who are always talking about liberty and peace*. The ones who are always talking about how Islam unites everyone and how muslims support eachother. The ones who talk about how Islam is the ultimate answer and how everyone is brothers and sisters. Well…they are dying, when do you want to wake up? or is a genocide not as aggravating as a cartoon? maybe you’re too busy being provoked by someone’s sexual orientation* or lack of belief in your dogma or an actress’s choice of dress. Don’t you want to wake up? or are you too busy flogging a girl who kissed her boyfriend*, or a flogging a man who’s drunk wine* or cutting off the arm of a theif*. Do you want to wake up and save a child’s life or are you too busy marrying a child* or figuring out what’d happen if you suddenly had sex with your aunt during an earthquake and she gave birth*?

I know where you all are. You are ignorant as always with your heads buried in the sand That’s what your religion teaches you. Ignorance is the pillar of Abrahamic religions anyway.

Declan Walsh’s article in NewYork Times is disturbingly honest, but it shows how ethical and humane the journalists are. He has described a war torn Yemen where some lives lavish lives while others only a few kilometres away eat boiled leaves to survive. Here’s the link:





*A Danish newspaper published some cartoons of Muhammad in September 2005 which enraged muslim countries to the point that some cut their ties with Denmark and introduced boycotts on Denmark. Later, in 2015, the Charlie Hebdo shooting happened!!

*Islam is known as the religion of peace

*homosexuality is a sin in Islam and it is punished by death.

*Atheism and deconversion are sins punishable by death and Kuffar (atheists) are najis (unclean).

*A woman has recently been flogged in Indonesia for relationship outside of marriage.

*Saudi Arabia and Iran are still practicing amputation of theives.

*The punishment for drinking alcohol in Iran is 72 lashes.

*Children as young as 9 are forced into marriage since the age is mentioned in Quran as the time for a girl to get married. Although, in some Muslim countries it has been changed to 14!!! Muhammad himslef married Aysha when she was 7 and didn’t sleep with her until she was 9.

*Ayatollah Khomeini has devoted a whole section of his Risalah (teacings which Shia muslims must follow) to a this strange topic. He has wuite explicitly explained what happens if during an earthquake you fell on your aunt and you suddenly without your own will had sex with your aunt and had a baby!!! I am not joking! this was written by the leader of the Islamic revolution of Iran in 1979 and ruled over the country until 1989 when he died.

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  1. From the website “Religion of Peace”.
    For the month of November.

    Attack’s, 136
    Killed, 911
    Injured, 843
    Suiside blasts, 12
    Countries affected, 25

    I am an atheist and by definition have cause to be Islamophobic.

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    1. it’s not only the terrorism. Millions of people who live in Islamic countries are suffering. To name a few Prosecution, FGM, death penalty, child marriage, sexual harassment, pedophilia. etc. Looking back I am very proud to leave islam and come out as an atheist

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